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Winnie Walker Rollator: A Great Travel Companion


The winnie walker rollator is the ideal travel rollator for those who are always on the go. This assistive technology is regarded as a great travel companion for the following reasons:

  1. Lightz

    When we are on the move, regardless of whether it is a short or long trip, one of the main concerns of bringing along a gadget is the weight. There is no need to worry about the weight of the winnie walker rollator though as it only weighs 11 lbs. This mobility aid may be lightweight, but it can accommodate up to 300 lbs.

  2. Loop Lockz
    For optimum security and safety, the winnie walker rollator is equipped with two lock functions: parking loop lock and the normal loop lock.The parking function is used when the winnie walker rollator is at standstill. The normal function is used when walking with the winnie walker rollator. Simply pull the loop lock handle up when the device is in use; push the loop lock handle down when the device is at standstill. In order to reduce the pressure on the fingers, the contact areas of the locking brakes are widen.
  3. Foldablez
    With just the use of only one hand, the winnie walker rollator can be folded without difficulty.
  4. Adjustable Handlez
    For utmost comfort, the handles of the winnie walker rollator can be adjusted.
  5. Sturdy Tiresz
    The sturdy 7.5″ tires of the winnie walker rollator make this ambulatory device suited for indoor and outdoor use and ensure a hassle-free ride in different terrain.

The winnie walker rollator is also equipped with a bag to carry personal belongings.

Generally, rollators are intended for those who have functional disorder in the lower limbs. Rollators support the body weight of the users by unburdening the lower limbs. Specifically, the winnie walker rollator keeps the balance of the users whenever they stand or walk.

The structure of the winnie walker rollator is very basic. It has a basic walking frame and three wheels. The 3-wheel system makes this walking aid convenient to use. As an alternative to lifting the tool, this only needs a little push from the user

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