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Why Rollator With Seat Is Ideal For COPD Patients

The rollator with seat is a walking aid that is ideal for COPD patients.

Rollators are also known as rolling walker, wheeled walker, three-wheeled walker and four-wheeled walker. In general, rollators are referred to as walking frames with a hand brake, and with three or four wheels.

The presence of a seat is one of the main differences between a 3-wheeled rollator and a 4-wheeled rollator. A rollator with seat is one with four wheels. Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD will greatly benefit from the use of a rollator with seat.

The following reasons show how a rollator with seat benefit COPD patients:

  1. Rest Requirement
    COPD patients suffer from shortness of breath and fatigue. These two symptoms require patients to sit and rest quite often. The rollator with seat is convenient as it has a permanent seat feature.
  2. Enhance Physical Activity
    The rollator with seat will enable users to regularly walk. Shortness of breath and fatigue relegate many COPD patients to a sedentary life. COPD patients also report of not leaving the house due to breathlessness and fatigue. An inactive lifestyle among COPD patients, however, will only increase the risk of hospital admission and mortality.
  3. Studies have shown (Honeyman et al.; Wesmiller and Hoffman; Solway et al.) that a rollator with seat improved walking distance and alleviated shortness of breath.

    Another study from Probst et al. showed that patients with COPD do benefit from the use of a rollator with seat as they are able to walk faster when using this assistive device.

  4. Encourage Independence
    The rollator with seat encourages patients with COPD to lead an active social and independent life. As this walking aid enables users to rest from time to time, walk faster and improve walking distance, this will encourage them to lead an independent way of life. A study by Brandt et al. found that rollator users are generally satisfied with this walking aid. This same study also showed that rollator users consider this tool as an important prerequisite for living a socially active and independent life.
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