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Weil Knee Walker: Non-Weightbearing Tool After Surgery

Certain below the knee conditions may require surgery. After any below the knee surgery, non-weightbearing is required. The weil knee walker is a non-weightbearing walking tool after surgery.

Orthopedic specialists frequently recommend non-weightbearing after any below the knee surgery. Non-weightbearing is defined as the restrictions placed on the injured part after surgery. Non-weightbearing means zero weight must be placed on the injured part of the body.

After below the knee surgery, orthopedic specialists often prescribed knee walkers like the weil knee walker.

The weil knee walker is designed by Dr. Lowell Weil Jr., podiatric consultant to the Chicago White Sox baseball club. Dr. Weil designed it to be used as a walking aid to those with below the knee injuries.

The weil knee walker benefits users with below the knee injuries as it has the following features:

  1. Pad to elevate the injured leg
  2. Three wheels for easy maneuvering
  3. Universal design for either right or left below the knee injury
  4. Locking breaks for safety
  5. Zero-Turn Radius (ZTR) Lever for easy maneuvering in tight spaces without fear of tipping
  6. Height adjustable without the need of tools
  7. Full-size basket to place personal items
  8. Cup where you can place your drink

A study by Roberts and Carnes from the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Birmingham showed that knee walker, in general, provides the following benefits:
-Requires less energy compared to crutches
-Body weight is evenly distributed on both legs
-Regular use of muscles near the injured leg preserves muscle bulk and preserves bone strength

How to Operate the Weil Knee Walker

For the safe use of the weil knee walker, follow these easy steps:

  1. Place your injured leg on the pad. Your injured leg should be positioned forward to cover and full length of the pad. Your injured leg should also be centered side to side.
  2. With your injured leg on the pad, stand straight. Adjust the height of the weil knee walker if necessary.
  3. Hold the handles and steer the weil knee walker using your strong leg. Keep your strong leg close to the pad where your injured leg is elevated.
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