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Walking with the Aluminum Rollator


Physical and cognitive fitness are crucial for independent living.

It is widely recognized that as people age, their physical fitness also decreases.Similarly, cognitive functions also decline as people age. Barnes et al. found that elderly people with decreased physical activity experienced greater cognitive deterioration over a period of 6 years compared with older adults with increased physical activity.

Due to the decrease in muscle strength and balance, many people of advance age (75 years old or older) cannot anymore do extraneous exercises such as running. Many people of this age group can only move using mobility aids such as the aluminum rollator.

Walking with a mobility device like the aluminum rollator is the ideal physical activity for older people with poor health. The good thing about walking is that this is the most preferred form of exercise among the older population.

A study by Scherder et al. revealed that walking with a rollator, including the aluminum rollator, may improve the cognitive functions in older people.

Another study revealed that walking with a rollator is a healthy activity for the elderly population.In the study “Walking with A Rollator and the Level of Physical Intensity in Adults 75 Years of Age or Older,” Eggermont et al. found that walking with the rollator is sufficient to improve aerobic fitness of people 75 years or older.

Exercising with the aluminum rollator is inexpensive. The 3 Wheel aluminum rollator, for instance, only costs below $100.

From the name itself, the aluminum rollator is made out of aluminum – a material best known for being light. The density of this material is only one third that of steel. The low density, however, does not affect the strength of the aluminum. As such, the aluminum rollator is a lightweight and at the same time, sturdy equipment.

The three wheels in the aluminum rollator are perfect for maneuvering in tight indoor spaces.

The Envoy 380 aluminum rollator, in particular, is built with large wheels (20 cm) for easy operation.

As the aluminum rollator is easy to maneuver, users of this ambulatory device have a natural walking pattern.

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