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Walking with a Hemi Walker


Stroke patients are vulnerable to living a sedentary lifestyle.

A study by Michael et al. showed that stroke patientswalk less often and their cardiovascular fitness is extremely low. The researchers also found out that the mobility decline, most significantly the balance, is associated with walking less.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stroke is a major cause of adult disability and the 4th fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

Health care professionals prescribe the hemi walker to stroke patients to encourage them to walk more often. The hemi walker is specifically developed for the hemiplegics.A number of stroke patients are hemiplegics – this means that one side of their body is strong, while the other side is relatively weak.Many stroke victims, therefore, have normal bodily functions on one side of their body, while the bodily functions on the other side are gravely reduced.

As a numberof hemiplegics are recovering from stroke, many are afraid to walk. The hemi walker gives the stroke survivors the needed support to confidently walk again.

Here is a quick guide to walking with the hemi walker:

  1. Open the hemi walker by pushing the lock handle down until it rests directly on top of the cross brace.
  2. Adjust the height of the hemi walker to match your height.
  3. Grip the hemi walker with your hand – the one opposite the weak side.
  4. Advance the hemi walker as you move forward with the impaired side.
  5. Take a small step using your good leg. The hemi walker here enables the users to balance themselves. This mobility aid also offers extra support to users when they are moving their good leg to the next position.

Recovery is a slow process. Same thing with walking with the hemi walker, the process is very slow. If you are concerned about falling, it helps to practice with the hemi walker with someone close by.

Increase ambulatory activity as a result of using the hemi walker is beneficial to hemiplegics. One of the advantages is that the cardiovascular fitness of patients will greatly improve.

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