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Use it or lose it


Oh, man! Quite a few of my baby boomer friends have made the gradual transition from rock ‘n roll to Walk Now And Rollator. Time passes and the beat goes on. Back in the day, we were out there gyrating, contorting, moving our bodies to the music. The exercise was good for us. So was the sex (though maybe not so much, the drugs). Then, as those heady days receded into the past, it became, almost imperceptibly, more difficult to get up from the chair we were sitting in. Things like spinal stenosis and sciatica began to plague us. It seemed harder to get up and move in the morning and more of an adventure to make those trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Is life conspiring to immobilize us? Should we take this sitting down? Not if we can help it!

It’s use it or lose it – so the only reasonable choice is to work through the pain and discomfort as much as possible and keep on truckin’. It’s amazing how leaning over and placing your weight on the aluminum four-wheel rollator can give you blessed relief from the pain caused by certain age-related ailments. Of course, the ability to get up, move around and do things for yourself, is priceless.

The light weight, easy to fold four-wheel rollator can be used to walk in the neighborhood and you’ll be amazed how quickly some people can move along with this little bit of help on wheels. The 4-wheel rollator is equipped with locking brakes, adjustable height handles, and a seat. If you tire you can sit and recoup whenever you need to. The basket can be used to carry items from the local store or stash reading material.

Perhaps such grand expeditions are beyond you, however. Perhaps you only want to get safely from your chair to the bed, or from the table to the refrigerator, avoiding falls with the help of a four-wheel rollator. Don’t underestimate the ability to move around safely (even in a limited way) to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. The deluxe, trigger-release folding four-wheel walker is strong, lightweight and designed for those with limited finger dexterity. Many walkers can be accessorized with a handy pouch in which to carry reading material, knitting supplies, champagne, a couple of flutes, a jar of caviar or anything else you might want to transport from one spot to another.

For the best rollators, walkers and an extensive supply of other helpful devices, please visit walknowandrollator.com and liberate yourself or one you love. Reclaim the ability to move around.

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