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Tips for Selecting Walkers for Sale


Learning to live with mobility issues can be discouraging and disabling. There are many different mobility aids to choose from to assist you. A walker can help you to get around easier regardless of whether your situation is temporary or permanent. Let us introduce you to the types of walkers for sale that are available so that you will be more informed before selecting one for your use.

There are many different types of walkers for sale for you to consider. The first type is the standard walker. It must be picked up and moved forward before you walk. It is very stable and is a good option for many different types of mobility issues. It is especially convenient if stability and safety is an issue.

Another type to consider is the two wheel walker. Two wheel walkers for sale have wheels on the front and legs on the back. This type of walker allows you to place your weight on the walker as you make an attempt to move. You can then easily push the walker forward and the back legs will provide stability as you attempt that forward motion. This type of walker is ideal for those who definitely need to lean on the walker as they move.

The four wheel walker has wheels on all four legs and makes it easy to shuffle along at your own speed. It does provide stability as you are moving and will definitely give you more speed flexibility than the two wheel or the traditional type of walker.

When shopping for walkers for sale, pay particular attention to the type of grip you select. Most walkers include a plastic grip; however, there are also foam grips or soft grip covers that are available as well. Plastic grips are not as effective as other choices if your hands have a tendency to become sweaty. The size of grip that you select is paramount as well. If you suffer from disabilities or lack of control in your hands, you may want to opt for a larger grip. These are very helpful for those with arthritis or other issues. It is important to choose the grip that is most comfortable and functional for your hands.

It is important for walkers for sale to fit you! In making the proper selection it is essential to be able to adjust it to fit your arms comfortably. Proper adjustment will relieve stress on your shoulders and back as you use the walker. If your walker is at the right height, your elbows will bend at approximately a 15 degree bend when using it. Further, the top of the walker should like up with the crease on the inside of your wrist when you stand inside the walker with your arms relaxed at your sides.

There are many places to purchase walkers for sale from. Be certain that you are doing business with a reputable business that practices sound business. Checking with the Better Business Bureau will help to ensure that you are dealing with someone you can trust. You’ll further want to ensure that the business has secure pay methods to prevent identity theft and fraud.

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