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Stay in Shapewith the Medline Deluxe Rollator


One of the undesirable effects of ageing is the gradual decline in our ability to walk.

Walking, however, is essential for our healthy existence. For older adults, especially 75 years old or older, walking is the most appropriate form of exercise. The good thing is that walking is also the favored form of exercise among elderly people.

The medline deluxe rollator has been developed to compensate the gradual decline in walking ability,especially among people of advance age.

Developed by Medline, the medline deluxe rollator is basically a walking frame that is fitted with four wheels. The height as well as the arms of this equipment can be adjusted to ensure the proper fit to the user.

Medline is the leading manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies in the U.S.

There is no need to lift themedline deluxe rollator when moving around. To move the medline deluxe rollator, users just have to push the device. The medline deluxe rollator also comes with loop-style brakes that lock when pushed down and release when pulled up.Themedline deluxe rollatoris also fitted with padded seat and padded backrest for the user to rest from time to time. The medline deluxe rollator can also be easily stored and transported as this mobility tool can be easily folded.

A study by Eggermont et al. has found that walking with a rollator, such as the medline deluxe rollator, has the capacity of improving aerobic fitness of people 75 years old or older.

The researchers also found that walking with a rollator, including the medline deluxe rollator, is slightly higher-intensity activity than vacuum cleaning and a little lower-intensity activity than walking downstairs.

Compared to other forms of exercise, training with a rollator such as the medline deluxe rollator is cheap and generally practical.

Ageing also affects our cognitive functions – memory, reasoning, task flexibility, problem solving capabilities. Similar to walking, our executive functions are important for our healthy existence.

A study by Scherder etal. suggested that walking with a rollator might improve cognitive functions in older people.

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