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Stay Active With The Heavy Duty Rollator

It is well-established that functional capacity declines in old age. The heavy duty rollator facilitates active and independent lifestyle even in old age.

Despite their mobility impairments, many older adults have continued living at home and leading an independent life. According to the United Nations or UN, independent living among older adults is common in many developed countries like the United States. The UN reported that 40% of the elderly population (aged 60 and over) live alone or with a spouse only.

Many European countries, in fact, encourage and facilitate continued living at home and maintenance of independence in old age.

Heavy Duty Rollator

Even as older adults experience mobility decline, many still have been able to lead an active and independent life because of assistive devices.

The heavy duty rollator is one of the assistive devices used by older adults in leading an active and independent life. The heavy duty rollator is a walking aid with 3 or 4 wheels.

A study by Brandt et al. found that users were satisfied with their rollators. This study also showed that the frequency of use of this assistive device was high.

Many health care professionals prescribed the heavy duty rollator to older adults because of these factors:

  1. Improves activity
    A study by Salminen et al. showed that mobility devices like the heavy duty rollator improve users’ activity and participation.
  2. Ease of use
    A study by Samuelsson and Wressle showed that the most important aspect that users like about rollators is the ease of use. Unlike the standard walkers that need to be lifted in every step of the way, the rollators can simply be pushed when moving forward.
  3. Normal walking pattern
    Compared to other walking aids, this device produces the most normal walking pattern. This assistive technology allows users to walk with smooth and easy gait.
  4. Great for outdoor use
  5. Accommodates heavy users
    The Nitro heavy duty rollator, in particular, can accommodate users of up to 450 pounds. It also has a wider seat.
  6. Foldable
    The Nitro model can be easily folded with one hand for ultra-compact size storage.
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