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Rolling Knee Walker: Excellent Replacement to Crutches


Both crutches and the rolling knee walker have identical uses. They both provide stability and balance. Their wide base support during walking also reduces the risk of falls. These mobility aids likewise absorb the body weight. A person’s body weight canoverburden the affected lower limb when walking. The resemblance between crutches and the rolling knee walker ends here.

The following are five proofs why the rolling knee walker is an excellent replacement to crutches:

  1. More Durable and Stable

    The sturdy dual frame of the rolling knee walker improves the stability and durability of this device.

  2. Sore-Free
    Users of crutches experience pain in their underarms, chest wall and hand. On the other hand, users of the rolling knee walker do not feel any of these physical discomforts.
  3. Conserves Bone Strength and Muscle Bulk
    When a person uses the rolling knee walker, his or her body weight is spread to the two legs and the muscles near the injured leg are often used, thereby conserving the bone strength and muscle bulk.
  4. More Safe
    With its dual hand brakes, the rolling knee walker guarantees optimum safety.
  5. Flexible Height
    Without using any tools, the height of the rolling knee walker can be adjusted in quick and simple steps. Crutches, on the other hand, can be adjusted only after using outside tools. The mismatch of the height of the user and the mobility aid cancause back, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain.
  6. Movability
    Without using external tools, the rolling knee walker can be folded. This mobility solution is perfect for travelling and storage.
  7. Energy Conservation
    A study by Susan Carnes and Paul Roberts compared the energy spent between walking with crutches and walking with the rolling knee walker. Results of the study showed that users of the rolling knee walker use 25% less energy than users of crutches.
  8. Attractive Device
    The rolling knee walker is more attractive to look at than the outmoded crutches.

The rolling knee walker is valuable to individuals who are trying to recover from surgery, break, sprain, amputation or ulcer below the knee.

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