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Road Travel Tips for Users of Handicap Scooters


Handicap scooters are used by those who have impaired mobility – a condition that may be caused by injury or illness.

Many differently-abled or handicapped individuals use the handicap scooters to go outdoors. Significantly, handicap scooters are used to reduce lower limb weakness, fatigue and to conserve energy.

Other than providing physical support to the users, handicap scooters also allow handicapped individuals to travel outdoors more often without the assistance of another person.

Before hitting the road, users of the handicap scooters should be aware of the following safety precautions:

  1. Safety Features
    Handicap scooters must be equipped with these safety features: headlights, rearview mirrors, turn signals, pneumatic tires and anti-tip wheels. It’s important to keep your scooter safe, for example, headlight restoration, to ensure your headlights are always bright and visible so everyone is aware of you.
  2. Plan Your Route
    This tip applies not only to the drivers of handicap scooters but also to any vehicle drivers. Where do you plan to go? Do you want to shop at your neighborhood grocery store? Do you want to stop over at your favorite café? Occupants of handicap scooters have to decide on their itinerary prior to hopping onto these mobility aids. A slight hesitation or indecision on the road may cause road accident.
  3. Be Environment Friendly
    Users of handicap scooters have to make sure not to leave behind dump exhaust components, dripping fluids and noxious fumes to the environment.
  4. Know the State Regulations
    Under the revised rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), public and private entities are required to allow people using mobility equipment such as handicap scooters into all areas of the establishment where members of the public are permitted to go.

    Under the ADA revised rules, private and public entities are encouraged to develop written policies specifying when and where handicap scooters will be permitted based on the following factors:

    -Size, dimensions, weight and speed of the handicap scooters;
    -Volume of pedestrian traffic in the facility;
    -Operational and design characteristics of the establishment;
    -Other genuine safety requirements such as limiting speed to match the pace of the pedestrian traffic;
    -Whether the use of handicap scooters inside an establishment conflicts with Federal land management regulations and laws.

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