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Power Scooters

Power Scooters

Are you looking for a mobility solution that would help your loved one get back to their routine? Do you wish to take them along you for a walk to the park or may be to a mall? Well, here is the perfect solution to overcome the mobility challenge. A power scooter is a mobility aid identical to a wheelchair but with an added self moving mechanism. Power scooters are normally powered by an electric battery that can be charged by plugging into an electric socket. Depending upon the type of power scooter, it provides different features and ranges.

For the elderly and those undergoing recovery after a surgery procedure, a power scooter can be a great alternative for regaining mobility. A power scooter is the perfect mobility tool for people with very short stamina, asthma, disabled legs or lower body and limited movement options regarding arms or shoulders.

Power Scooters
First introduced in 1954, the power scooter has gone through a number of changes. Nowadays it comprised of a comfortable seat. Depending upon the mechanical profile, they can be classified into
• 3 wheel mobility scooters
• 4 wheel mobility scooters

Depending upon the use, they can be divided into two basic categories:
• Indoor Power Scooters
• Outdoor Power Scooters

The indoor power scooters are normally three wheeled models, because having one wheel in front offer more flexibility while passing tight corners. An indoor power scooter can navigate through tight corners and performs well on flat surfaces.

On the otherhand, an outdoor power scooter normally comes with 4 wheels, two at the front and two at the rear. Because of the 4 wheel configuration and extra length, it can not make short turns. The outdoor power scooters have harder suspensions and more durable body frames to absorb impact. They usually perform well on both flat and uneven surfaces. An outdoor power scooter has more range, with a fully charged battery they can travel approx. 18.5 miles and the battery range can also be extended by using an extra battery pack. The outdoor power scooters can go as fast as 8 miles an hour.

The braking mechanism is easier to use and learn, both the indoor and outdoor power scooters have a lever, when pressed; they accelerate and reach a certain velocity. When the lever is relieved, the power scooter gently comes to a standstill. Some power scooters have an emergency braking mechanism built in for extra safety.

Before purchasing a power scooter, you have must consider the following:


The power scooter should have a comfortable seat, the seat must be adjustable so that you can set it to the height that is most convenient for you. This also removes the risks of shoulder strain.


The power scooter must be easier to steer. Power scooters come with variable steering configurations.

You should choose the one that is easier to steer and effectively adjusts with your mobility needs. walkernowandrollator.com

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