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Nitro Style Rollators: The Easy on the Eyes Rollators


Recent studies have shown that patients prefer the rollators – the four-wheeled walkers – over the other conventional walkers.

Rollators are more popular than standard rollators (those without wheels) as these mobility aids do not have to be picked up.

Rollators like the nitro style rollators have modern wheel systems that easily pivot and roll. These mobility devices only have to be pushed when moving forward. Out of the different types of walkers, the rollators such as the nitro style rollators promote the most natural walking pattern.

The nitro style rollators, in particular, stand out from the many rollator models due to the following features:

  1. Attractive Design
    The Euro-style design of the nitro style rollators make them easy on the eyes.
  2. Adjustable Features
    The back support of the nitro style rollators can easily be adjusted with tool-free thumb screw. The height of the handle of this mobility solution can be adjusted with a distinct push button.
  3. Safety Feature
    For additional safety, the nitro style rollators have brake cable inside the frame.
  4. Maneuverability
    The caster fork design of the nitro style rollators enhances the turning radius. The 10” front casters make this ambulation device ideal forany terrain, whether outdoor or indoor.
  5. Extra Features
    The nitro style rollators are available with removable carry pouch.
  6. Portability Feature
    The nitro style rollators come with a clamp that holds the equipment closed when the frame is folded. This equipment can also be folded from side-to-side because of the cross brace design. The nitro style rollators can easily be folded with the use of only one hand.
  7. Lightweight
    The aluminum frame of the nitro style rollators makes this equipment lightweight but still durable.
  8. Comfortable Seat
    The seat in each of the nitro style rollators has fold-up handle.

Users will find the nitro style rollators inexpensive and generally practical. Senior citizens (especially those 75 years old and above) and those with limited mobility as a result of certain medical conditions can benefit from the use of nitro style rollators.

A study by Eggermont et al. revealed that walking with a rollator is slightly lower-intensity activity than walkingdownstairs and a bit higher-intensityactivity than vacuum cleaning.

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