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Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker:


Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker provides you the best combination of comfort and convenience combined with an unmatchable sense of security and stability. The Nitro Euro style rollator frame is made of light weight aluminium, this makes it very mobile and adaptable to any situation, but also durable enough to withstand 300 lbs.

The Nitro Euro Style rollator has 10’’ front caster wheels to navigate rough terrain. With its large wheels, a hardened frame and compact design, the Nitro Euro Style rollator is extremely useful both indoors and outdoors. For indoor use, its compact design, easy turning mechanism and safety controls allow it to be used in tight spaces without scratching the walls or corners. The large wheels, easy braking mechanism, hardened frame and stability makes it the people’s choice for outdoor mobility needs as well.

To accommodate every kind of user, the Nitro Euro Style rollator features a number of adjustments, offering maximum flexibility and stability to its users. The handle can be adjusted from 33.5’’ to 38.25’’ without using extra tools.The handles of the Nitro Euro Style rollator are ergonomic and you can adjust the handle height with the simple push of a button.

The Nitro Euro Style rollator walker offers a backrest for extra comfort and safety, the backrest can be removed and reinstalled very easily. The back is also height adjustable and you can set it to the point of your comfort.

The Nitro Euro Style rollator also offers a durable seat. The seat is durable enough to withstand weights up to 300lbs. It has a fold up handle and can be very easily deployed when ever needed. The seat can also be folded.

The nitro euro style rollator offer easy-to-engage and release brakes which are durable and promote safety. The brakes can be engaged while using the Nitro as a seat. The brake wires are encased in the frame for optimum safety and security. Press the locks downward to engage the brake locks while the Nitro is used in a stationary position for sitting.

The nitro euro style rollator is very easy to carry along. It can be folded very easily with one hand and can be placed at the back of your car. The unfolding process is also very easy and can be accomplished with one hand.

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