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More Outdoor Activities with the 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter


Compared to other assistive technologies, the 4 wheel mobility scooter costs more.However, the benefits that the 4 wheel mobility scooter gives to the user far outweigh its cost.

Studies have shown that mobility devices, in general, improve the users’ activity.

Salminen et al. in the study called “Mobility devices to promote activity and participation: A systematic review” found that mobility solutions increase users’ activity and participation.

In particular, the level of activity and participation of people using the 4 wheel mobility scooter is far higher than other assistive equipment.

Dr. Helen Hoenig, in her article “Assistive Technology and Mobility Aids for the Older Patient with Disability” pointed out that patients must trade off the potential of increased participation in activities via the use of ascooter versus the equipment cost.

The Phoenix 4 wheel heavy duty scooter, for instance, may cost close to one thousand dollars but the advantages offset the cost of the device.

Aside from the increased activity, here are the other rewards of using the 4 wheel mobility scooter:

  1. More Outdoor Activities
    The 4 wheel mobility scooter is designed for outdoor use for those with partial or total walking disability. The emphasis of this ambulatory device is not much on in-home movement, but rather with community mobility.Users of the 4 wheel mobility scooter can go outside the comfort of their home without the assistance of another person with this walking aid.
  2. Easy to Transport
    Despite the size of the 4 wheel mobility scooter, this equipment is easy to transport. The 4 wheel mobility scooter can be assembled and disassembled in easy steps.
  3. Comfortable Ride
    The 4 wheel mobility scooter comes with cushioned seat and backrest. Theheight and depth of the 4 wheel mobility scooter seatcan be adjusted for added comfort to the user.
  4. Safe Ride
    The 4 wheel mobility scooter is equipped with features that ensure the safety of the user, which includeheadlights, rearview mirrors, turn signals, pneumatic tires and anti-tip wheels.
  5. Good Public Image
    The 4 wheel mobility scooter is viewed favorably by the society. Occupants of this wheeled support are perceived as independent and happy individuals.
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