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Mobility Scooters For Motorcycle Enthusiasts With Mobility Limitations

Can’t drive your old motorcycle because of lower extremity weakness? Mobility scooters offer motorcycle enthusiasts with lower mobility weakness to ride with the wind once again.

Mobility scooters are like motorcycles with the following twists:
– They are powered mostly by batteries.
– They can only accommodate one passenger.
– Their speed limit is lower than regular motorcycles.
– They travel less distance than regular motorcycles.
– They have more than two wheels.

While mobility scooters have lesser power than regular motorcycles, these mobility devices are perfect for individuals with lower extremity weakness.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, mobility scooters are categorized as “other power-driven mobility device.” Private and public establishments are required by this law to accommodate people with disabilities who use this type of mobility device in their facilities. The exemption to this rule is when a particular type of device cannot be accommodated because of legitimate safety issues.

Aging is one of the reasons behind lower extremity weakness. Many older adults cannot anymore drive their motorcycles or cars. Many find themselves walking for shorter distance, experiencing shortness of breath and experiencing muscle fatigue. Despite their mobility limitations, many older adults continue to live an independent life because of the mobility scooters.

A study by May et al. found that the mobility scooters were used mostly for getting to and from shops and visiting friends and family. The same study found that these mobility vehicles were used three to five times each week and travelled between two to five kilometers every week.

Who can Use the Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts who have lower extremity weakness but are still capable of doing the following:
– Can walk even for short distance;
– Can independently sit down and stand up from a chair;
– Has enough coordination and strength in the arms to operate the vehicle; and
– Has good balance and good trunk control when seated.

The maverick executive mobility scooters (https://walkernowandrollator.com/product/maverick-executive-three-wheel-power-scooter/) are built like motorcycles with less speed limit and less travel distance. The maverick model can travel up to 35 miles at 9.5 miles per hour. These scooters can be used indoors, inside shops, parks and pedestrians. They cannot be used on roads and highways. These mobility vehicles have safety features like hazard lights, turn signals, reflectors, rear view mirror and anti-tip wheels.

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