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Merry Walker: Safe Walking Device

The merry walker is a chair and walker rolled into one. This mobility aid is ideal for those who would normally be placed in a wheelchair.

Patients with the following conditions can use the merry walker:
-Hip and knee replacements patients
-Abdominal surgery patients
-Maternity (C-Section recovery) patients
-ICU patients
-Other patients who experience difficulty in ambulating after a medical or trauma

The merry walker comes with four wheels, a seat, a restrainer and pouches located on the side and back.

Advantages of Using Merry Walker

  1. Better than Wheelchair
    The merry walker is better than a wheelchair. Extended use of a wheelchair only leads to these negative effects:
    -Decreased physical functioning
    -Decrease in muscle condition
    -Muscle shortening
    -Increased frailty
    -Increased incidence of infections like skin abrasions, UTI’s, pneumonia
    -Increased development of pressure sores
    -Loss of autonomy
    -Increased weight loss or increased weight gain by not exercising
    -Decreased appetite from lack of exercise
    -Decreased lung capacity
    -Increased risk of edema, increased cardiac load, decreased blood flow
    -Loss of bone density, increases fracture potential

    Unlike the wheelchair though, the merry walker is not designed to be pushed around by another person. When a person sits down on the merry walker, the device will stop moving due to the gravitational weight of the person sitting down.

  2. Better than Traditional Walker
    Using traditional walkers will not decrease the fall risk. As most people fall backwards, the seat on the merry walker defrays any injury from a fall.
  3. Strengthen Muscles
    The arm, back and leg muscles of the user will be strengthen as the user can walk safely in this framed assistive device.
  4. Saves Time and Costs
    This mobility device saves time and costs as the patients can practice walking by themselves.
  5. Increase Muscle Mass
    This walking aid will increase muscle mass. In effect, the user will have better balance and hinder the possibility of falls.
  6. Portable
    This device can easily be folded for storage and transport.
  7. Tip Resistant
    This mobility device is fabricated from 16 gauge steel. It is bottom weighted. The back and front legs are perfectly bent outward. These extra measures on this device prevent tipping.
  8. Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use
    This mobility tool can be used both indoor and outdoor. Heavy-duty wheels can also be bought separately if you need to traverse to tougher outdoor environment.
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