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Merry Walker: An Alternative to a Wheelchair


Society is ever-evolving. The once popular wheelchair has now lost its public appeal.

Nowadays, an individual who would normally be placed in a wheelchair could now be placed in a merry walker ambulation device.

There are three forms of merry walker ambulation devices: the institutional, the home care and the bariatric model.

  1. Merry Walker Institutional
    The merry walker institutional is primarily developed for nursing homes and hospitals use. The base of this assistive technology is 27″ wide and the weight capacity is up to 300 pounds. ICU heart patients can walk unassisted with this equipment. This particular merry walker has a built-in compartment to securely hold a heart monitor under the seat.
  2. Merry Walker Home Care
    The merry walker home care has a relatively narrow base (23″) for easy maneuvering through hallways and doorways. This particular mobility solution has a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds.
  3. Merry Walker Bariatric
    The merry walker bariatric is specifically developed to meet the needs of obese or overweight individuals – those with weight between 300 and 600 pounds.

The black powder coated tubular steel, the cushion and all the fabrics of the three styles of merry walker ambulation devices are washable. The three designs also come with side pouch to transport personal items.

These are the benefits of using the three types of merry walker ambulation devices:

  1. Enhance Independence

    These ambulation devices allow people with limited mobility to walk again without assistance from another person.

  2. Encourage Self-Rehabilitation
    Walking with the merry walker and without assistance, encourages self-rehabilitation.
  3. Increase Appetite

    Users of merry walker reported that the regular use of this equipment increases appetite.

  4. Decrease Dependency

    Dependency is a learned behavior. With the merry walker, this learned behavior can be decreased.

  5. Restore Normal Sleeping Pattern

    The regular use of the merry walker brings back the normal sleeping pattern.

  6. Address the Dignity Issue

    As people walk on their own, they regain their dignity back.

  7. Safety
    The merry walker has a swell latch lock with adjustable tension. This safety strap is an added safety feature for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and those diagnosed with related dementias.
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