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Maintaining Mobility Via Handicap Scooters

Physical activity is important even for those with mobility limitations. Handicap scooters enable those with mobility limitations to remain physically active.

Physical activity is defined as any body movement that results in energy expenditure. This body movement is produced by skeletal muscles.

Older people, in particular, are encouraged to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. Studies (Paffenbarger et al. and Blair et al.) have shown that low physical activity levels have been found to predict an increased risk of death among older people.

A study by Kaplan et al. found that the risk of dying was found to remain lower among physically active people even after taking into consideration other factors like body mass index and social isolation. Another study by Mor et al. found that the risk of functional decline was higher among persons who are not physically active.

Handicap Scooters

Older people who have existing mobility limitations benefit from handicap scooters. Physical activity can be maintained through the use of handicap scooters.

Handicap scooters fall under the category of “other power-driven mobility device” (OPDMD) under the Americans with Disabilities Act. OPDMD is defined under this act as any mobility device that is powered by batteries, fuel or other engines. To be considered as OPDMD, this mobility technology must be used by individuals with mobility disabilities for movement purposes.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, handicap scooters must be allowed in any public or private establishments. The exception to this rule is when a particular handicap scooter cannot be accommodated because of legitimate safety reasons.

Handicap scooters can either have three or four wheels. Regardless of the number of wheels, this type of vehicle is capable of transporting one person.

Safety Requirements for Using Handicap Scooters

In order to safely use this mobility device, you must be able to do the following:
-You can walk even for short distances.
-You can sit down and stand up on your own.
-You have enough strength in the arm and hands to operate the vehicle.
-You have good balance and good trunk control when sitting.

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