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Lifestyle Implications of Using a Mobility Scooter

As we enjoy our twilight years, there are things that we just cannot anymore do.

In our younger years, we walked as fast and we drive as fast. In our twilight years, many of us seniors cannot walk as fast. We cannot drive as fast.

But many of us are not invalid. We can still walk – even if it is just for a short distance. We can also drive slow moving vehicles.

Mobility scooter is one vehicle that many older adults (aged 65 years and above) are driving.

Here are the top reasons why seniors drive a mobility scooter:

  1. Low operating costs
    Compared to a car, a mobility scooter purchased price is cheaper. It also does not require large expenditure for other costs such as insurance and maintenance.
  2. Public transportation back-up
    As urban areas expand, access to public transportation by walking becomes impossible for many seniors. Through a mobility scooter, these urban areas can be accessed by older adults.
  3. Decongest urban areas
    Urban areas are congested with cars. Scooters decongest traffic.
  4. Clean transportation
    Scooter operates in near silence. It does not flush out dripping fluids, noxious fumes or high-temperature exhaust components.
  5. Mobility
    Most importantly, scooters enable seniors with limited ability to walk to remain mobile.

Lifestyle implications

Studies have shown that scooters have positive effect on the lifestyle of users.

A study by May et al. showed that scooters were predominantly used by older adults for getting to and from shops, visiting friends and family. The May et al. study also showed that most respondents used their scooters 3 to 5 times each week. Respondents also travelled between 2 to 5 kilometers from their home.

A study by Samuelsson and Wressle showed that use of scooters has been shown to positively affect the user’s independence in daily activities. The study added that this independence in turn increases the sense of security and self-esteem.

Another study by Fomiattia et al. showed a “strong positive impact on individual’s engagement from using a scooter.”

Mobility scooter is the acceptable assistive device for seniors who have sufficient upper body strength and dexterity, and postural stability. A user of this mobility equipment must also be able to walk even for a short distance.

Some mobility scooters have 3 wheels; others have 4 wheels. The Prowler 3-wheel mobility scooter has a maximum cruising range of 7 miles per hour. This assistive device can travel up to 23 miles. It comes with safety features such as anti-tip wheels, headlight, turn signals and rearview mirrors. Most of the scooter parts are adjustable. The seat’s depth and height are adjustable. The armrest and tiller are adjustable as well.

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