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How To Restore Motor Ability With Nitro Style Rollators

There is growing evidence that waist circumference and body mass index (BMI) are predictors of mobility difficulties. The nitro style rollators make mobility possible for obese individuals.

A study by Jenkins in 2004 showed that being overweight or obese makes one more likely to experience lower body mobility and difficulties with activities of daily living.

Obese individuals experience mobility difficulties as being overweight may lead to:
-Joint wear and tear
-Reduced physical activity
-Higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, several cancers and other chronic conditions

A study by Vincent et al. showed that mobility difficulties is becoming prevalent among obese older population (aged 60 years and above). Adults are increasingly heavier compared with earlier generations, with nearly one third classified as obese, this according to the Ogden et al. study.

Obesity results from a number of causes and contributing factors such as dietary patterns and physical inactivity.

Nitro Style Rollators

Rollators like the nitro style rollators can keep you active to achieve a healthy weight. This assistive device offers easy mobility for users up to 450 lbs. It also has a wider seat.

Here are the top reasons why the nitro style rollators are beneficial to obese individuals:

  1. Restore and maintain motor ability
    A study by Vogt et al. showed that rollator use restores or maintains motor ability at the highest possible level.
  2. No need to lift the device
    The wheels of the nitro style rollators make it a superior option over a standard walker as wheels eliminate the need to lift the device. Standard walkers are walking frames without wheels. They have to be lifted in every step of the way because of the lack of wheels.
  3. Smooth gait
    The nitro style rollators produce an easy and smooth gait as the users simply have to hold on and push the device when moving forward.
  4. Convenient seat
    The nitro style rollators have a built-in seat. This seat is a convenient place to rest whenever you feel tired.
  5. Height adjustable
    The handle, length and back support of the nitro style rollators can be adjusted without the need of a tool.
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