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How to Determine if the Aluminum Rollator is Right for You



An aluminum rollator is a type of walker with wheels that is made of lightweight aluminum frame and comes with extra features such as a basket, tray and pouch.

An aluminum rollator is an important mobility aid as this device gives you these benefits:

-This mobility device provides stability when you walk;

-This aluminum rollator provides a wider base of support when you walk, thereby reducing your risk of falling;

-It can easily be folded; and

-It is height adjustable (an aluminum rollator has to be adjusted to the correct height as incorrect height may result to shoulder, back, elbow and/or wrist pain).

This aluminum rollator is the right mobility aid for you if you are capable of doing the following:

-You can walk on your own but you still feel the need to hold on to something for balance on the two sides of your body;

-You find yourself constantly holding on to furniture and walls in your home for balance and stability; and

-You have a good hand and arm to hold on and to push the rollator to move forward.

If you, therefore, cannot make use of your hand and arm to maneuver the rollator, then the aluminum rollator is not the right fit for you. Another mobility device may be the right fit for you.

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