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How Rollator Promote Activity And Participation

Among persons with mobility limitations, access to mobility devices like the rollator is a prerequisite to live a life with dignity.

Mobility device like the rollator is defined by the World Health Organization as a common type of assistive technology that is “used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.”

Mobility devices are particularly important especially for older people living at home. Mobility and independence in accomplishing daily activities are highly valued even as people age. Countries like the United States and other highly developed European countries are encouraging older adults to continue living at home.

Assistive devices are particularly beneficial for older adults as this age group experience functional capacity decline.


For many older adults, a rollator is a prerequisite in order to accomplish various everyday activities like walking, shopping, and visiting friends and families.

The rollator is the ideal assistive technology for you if you meet the following requirements:
-You can walk independently.
-You need extra support for balance on both sides of your body.
-You need support of up to 50% of your weight.
-You have enough strength in your arm and hand to move the device forward.

Rollator use restores or maintains motor ability at the highest possible level, this according to the Vogt et al. study.

Rollators are walking aids with three or four wheels. The three or four wheels of this device produce an easy and smooth gait. This smooth gait can only be achieved if the device is adjusted to its correct height. An incorrect height can lead to hand, wrist, shoulder or back pain.

To attain the correct height of the device, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) suggests these steps:
-Use your normal shoes.
-Allow your arms to hang loosely on your sides.
-Request someone to measure the distance from your wrist to the floor.
-Adjust the height based on this measurement.

To find out if the length is the correct one, hold the handles. If there is a 20-degree to 30-degree bend in your elbow, then you have achieved the correct height.

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