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How Medline Deluxe Rollator Benefit COPD Patients

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is a debilitating disease that limits physical activity. Medline deluxe rollator is an effective way to increase the level of physical activity among COPD patients.

COPD is a disease that negatively affects the respiratory system. This condition is characterized by shortness of breath and muscle fatigue. Many COPD patients avoid physical activity because of these two symptoms.

Studies (Arne et al.; Pitta et al.; and Vorrink et al.) have shown that compared to healthy individuals, COPD patients’ physical activity levels are remarkably lower.

Physical inactivity among COPD patients increases the risk of hospital admission and mortality.

Medline Deluxe Rollator

It is well-established that increased physical activity leads to long term health benefits. Increasing the physical activity of COPD patients is crucial in their recovery. The medline deluxe rollator is an efficient method to improve the level of physical activity among COPD patients.

Here are the top reasons why medline deluxe rollator benefits COPD patients:

  1. Effective walking aid
    A study by Hill et al. showed that COPD patients who used the rollator were most satisfied with its effectiveness.
  2. Indoor and outdoor use
    According to the Hill study, while rollators are utilized for indoor and outdoor use, COPD patients use it primarily for outdoor use.
  3. Longer walking distance
    A study by Probst et al. found that COPD patients walk longer distance when they used a rollator. According to the study, the reasons for this increased walking distance are better walking efficiency and increased ventilatory capacity.
  4. Equip with a seat and backrest
    Rollators like the medline deluxe rollators are walking frames that are equipped with a padded seat and a padded backrest. These two features are specifically beneficial to patients with COPD. Whenever rollator users feel the need to rest because of shortness of breath and fatigue, they can always sit down and relax.
  5. Safe to use
    Rollators like the medline deluxe rollators come with hand brakes.
  6. Height adjustable
    The height of the medline deluxe rollator can be adjusted. This adjustment feature ensures that this device properly fits the user.
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