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How Hemi Walker Benefit Stroke Patients

Eight out 10 stroke patients experience mobility difficulty on one side of the body. The hemi walker is an assistive device that can be used to help stroke patients have greater independence with everyday activities.

Weakness or mobility difficulty on one side of the body is called hemiparesis. According to the National Stroke Association, hemiparesis affects about 8 out of 10 stroke survivors.
One-sided weakness disrupts everyday activities. This condition can cause:
– Difficulty walking
– Loss of balance
– Muscle fatigue
– Impaired ability to grasp objects
– Lack of coordination
– Decrease in movement precision

Hemi Walker

Assistive devices like the hemi walker can help in the recovery of hemiparesis patients. Here are the top reasons for using the hemi walker:

  1. Increases independence
    It helps stroke patients with their everyday life activities.
  2. Wider base of support
    It provides a wider base of support compared to a single tip cane.
  3. One-hand use
    This assistive technology requires only one hand for operation.
  4. Increases physical activity
    It increases strength and movement. As such, patients can increase their physical activity. For stroke patients, physical activity can increase flexibility, control and re-establish nerve circuitry

Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle change is important for stroke patients experiencing one-sided weakness. In addition to using an assistive device like the hemi walker, the following lifestyle changes can help in the recovery of stroke patients:
– Remaining active with the hemi walker
– Strengthening leg muscles and balance through physical activity
– Wearing flat shoes
– Paying close attention while walking

Increased physical activity or exercise is a misunderstood component of poststroke care, this according to the American Stroke Association. A growing body of evidence supports the benefits of exercise for stroke survivors. The recommended exercise level by the American Stroke Association is low to moderate intensity aerobic activity.

Walking simply with a hemi walker can improve functional capacity and ability to perform activities of daily living. In addition, walking reduces the risk for subsequent cardiovascular problems.

The Side Style Hemi Walker by Drive Medical, in particular, is height adjustable. This device is more stable than a cane lighter than a walker.

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