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How Adult Walkers Improve Balance and Mobility

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Adult walkers are height adjustable, have a foldable aluminum frame and come with or without wheels.

Adult walkers without wheels need to be lifted in order to move forward; while adult walkers with wheels only need to be pushed to move forward.

Balance is achieved when your body’s center of mass (COM) – also known as center of gravity – is positioned over your base of support (BOS).

Your balance is impaired when in relation to your BOS, your center of gravity is displaced as result of your chosen movement or by external factors such as slips, trips or pushes.

In the “Assistive devices for balance and mobility: Benefits, demands, and adverse consequences” study, Dr. Hamid Bateni and Dr. Brian Maki pointed out that clinical and biomechanic evaluations confirm that adult walkers can improve balance and mobility of older adults and people with other clinical conditions.

According to the Bateni and Maki study, adult walkers greatly enlarge the BOS and eradicate the need of balancing exclusively on one leg alone.

The study further pointed out that adult walkers also reduce the lower-limb loads. This reduction of the lower-limb loads is specifically beneficial to those suffering from weakness, injury, or joint pain in the lower limb. Adult walkers, in effect, alleviate joint pain or compensate for weakness or injury, this according to Bateni and Maki.

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