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Hemi Walker: Mobility Tool For Hemiplegics

The hemi walker is particularly beneficial to hemiplegic patients.

Hemiplegic patients are stroke survivors with one relatively weak side of their body and one with a strong side. This strong side of the body remains quite functional. The functions to the weak side of the body are seriously reduced.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stroke is a major cause of adult disability in the United States.

Stroke predisposes stroke survivors to sedentary lifestyle. Physical inactivity after stroke, however, only leads to the following:

  1. Cardiovascular and metabolic deconditioning (Newman et al. and Ryan et al.)
  2. Muscle weakness and gait impairments (Dettmann et al.)
  3. Declines in physical and social function (Kathleen M. Michael study)
  4. Negatively affect brain activation and recovery (Wittenberg et al.)

A study by Michael et al. recommends that a major rehabilitation goal for stroke survivors is to gain back home and community mobility.

Health care professionals often prescribed the hemi walker to stroke survivors, specifically hemiplegic patients. This assistive device is also referred to by other names like one-handed walker and side-stepper.

The hemi walker is a cross between a cane and a walker. This walking tool, however, offers more support than a cane. Compared to a standard walker, this walking tool is more lightweight. The hemi walker has four legs, rubber-pointed tips, and a handle that serves as a bar across the top.

Advantages of Using Hemi Walker

The following are the advantages of using this walking tool:

  1. Lightweight
  2. The hemi walker is a lightweight walking tool. Because of this lightweight feature, this device can easily be lifted and maneuvered. This lightweight feature is borne out from the material use which is aluminum.

  3. One Hand Use
  4. This mobility device is particularly designed for individuals who can use only one hand. This device can also be easily folded with the use of just one hand.

  5. Better than Cane
  6. The hemi walker is better than a cane because it provides more support and is more stable.

  7. Better than Standard Walker
  8. Like the standard walker, the hemi walker offers a wider base of support. The hemi walker is lighter though.

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