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Heavy Duty Rollator: A Practical Gift to a Mobility Impaired Relative


Gift-giving is an age-old tradition. This unselfish act though is a tricky gesture as the receiver may not like your gift.

Regardless of the gift recipient’s reaction, it is the thought that counts. Still though, when it comes to this unselfish act, one need to consider the practicality of the gift. Does it answer the present need of the receiver?

Elderly relatives with mobility disabilities, in particular, have practical needs that can be answered by the heavy duty rollator. But before buying the heavy duty rollator for your mobility impaired elderly relative, find out first if this is the appropriate mobility aid.

  1. Check the Extent of the Walking Limitation
    The heavy duty rollator is ideal for those who can walk by themselves but they require an equipment to balance both sides of their body.
  2. Determinethe Support Requirement
    If you notice that your elderly family member is constantly holding onto furniture and walls when standing or walking, then this calls for a heavy duty rollator.
  3. Check the Hand and Arm Strength
    The heavy duty rollatoris suitable only for those who have good hand and arm function. To use the heavy duty rollator, the user needs to hold on to the handlebars of this equipment. As such, the users of the heavy duty rollator have to have some degree of upper body strength, particularly the arm.
  4. Determine the Energy Level
    The heavy duty rollator is the perfect present if the older family member easily gets tired or require frequent rest period even after just a short walk.

The heavy duty rollator is the right assistive technology for frail older people who easily get tired as this equipment has a built-in seat. Anytime and anywhere your relative feels the need to rest, he or she can do so with the built-in seat of the heavy duty rollator.

Most importantly, users of the heavy duty rollator walk normally. The reason for this normal gait is that users of the heavy duty rollator only have to hold on and push this equipment when walking.

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