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Electric Powered Mobility Scooters from WNR



If you are having difficulties with walking – buy a walking aid that offers easy mobility, good comfort, tight grip. If you want something that can take you distances without straining your body too much, electric scooters are the ideal choice.

We have the largest range of such mobility scooters that cater to diverse needs and fit into all types of budgets, low or high.

What are the Benefits of using Electric Mobility Scooters?

Our electric mobility scooters have been accepted as the best alternatives for those who cannot manage to be on their feet for any length of time. An electric scooter allows you to move within the house and outside. If you’re interested in another type of mobility aid like an aluminum rollator or a bariatric walker, be sure to browse through our other categories.

There are three and four-wheel mobility scooters for indoor as well as outdoor use, including work and play! You can use them to perform different activities such as:

  • Daily-life activities in kitchen, bathroom and other areas
  • Get to and from work comfortably and in less time
  • Shop around and keep all the items in the baskets attached to the scooter
  • Travel anywhere by any means; our scooters are Airline-approved
  • Move around in theme parks, festivals and casinos

About WNR Electric Electric mobility Scooters

Electric Mobility scooters feature swivel seats, armrests, horn, baskets, lights and many other essential and useful features to make your outings comfortable and hassle-free.

  • They enable you to get out in public and perform errands independently when you are unable to walk any distance.
  • They enable you to get out into the community and interact with others.
  • They prevent those feelings of isolation and provide the joy of street life.

To place order for an electric scooter – call 1-877-449-8858 or directly purchase from our online store.

We’ll help you select the most suitable scooter within your set budget and requirements.

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