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Ditch the Crutches – Physicians Recommend Knee Walkers

Ditch the Crutches – Physicians Recommend Knee Walkers

If you need to be outside & mobile, and crutches or a regular walker doesn’t help, a knee walker can be of great help. It will improve mobility and you can walk around easily without having to rely on someone.

A knee walker has two tyres in the front and one section at the back.

The back wheel is always stationery; only the front ones turn.

It can be easily folded and packed tightly with the help of straps.

Listed below are some of the biggest advantages that explain the reason why so many people use knee walkers in Florida.

  1. Faster healing
    A patient using conventional crutches tends to keep his injured foot down once in a while.
    Ditch the Crutches – Physicians Recommend Knee Walkers

    The weight that the leg feels during that time can hamper the healing process and even result in serious injuries.

    A tired patient obviously need more time to heal completely.

    Such situations never arise with a knee walker; the injured leg is always resting and weight of the upper body is never shifted to the injured limb.

    The arms too won’t get tired.

    Knee walkers do not tire and support the healing process completely.

  2. Better Functionality

    Knee walkers can be maneuvered with one arm; other hand is free to carry things or just be at rest.
    Some knee walkers available in Florida have built-in baskets; it is easy to carry things around for a patient using them.

    Ditch the Crutches – Physicians Recommend Knee Walkers

    Constant use of crutches leaves a patient’s hands dirty and sweaty especially if hand grips are held tightly for long.

    This is not the case with a knee walker.

  3. Superior Stability

    Walking with crutches is a balancing act that can go wrong the moment your attention is diverted.

    In bad weather especially, it is very risky to go out on crutches.

    Knee walkers will provide more stability in almost all conditions except snow. The brakes on the walker will control the speed at all times and will never let the patient lose his balance.

  4. More Flexibility

    Steering in a walker is done by the good leg, while you kneel with an injured leg on the seat.

    Ditch the Crutches – Physicians Recommend Knee Walkers

    The handle bars can be adjusted according to the height of the user and the brakes allow easy mobility control.

    The handles can be folded and the seat collapsed when you need to fold it and carry it in a vehicle.

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