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Dining Establishments and Electric Mobility Scooters


People who have difficulty in performing mobility-related activities find themselves more and more reclusive.

Many individuals with mobility disabilities rarely and many more refuse to go out – to eat out.

Even those equip with mobility aids, such as electric mobility scooters, are reluctant to dine out at their favorite restaurants.

With your electric mobility scooter, you can once again reclaim your favored seat at your favorite dining establishment.

The U.S. Department of Justice, on March 15, 2011, released a regulation that answers the issue on whether or not those using power driven mobility devices, such as the electric mobility scooters, are permitted at private and public establishments.

The Justice Department regulation states that private and public entities have to make “reasonable modifications” in their policies, procedures or practices to permit people with mobility limitations to use their mobility tools, such as the electric mobility scooters, inside establishments.

The Department of Justice regulation, however, stressed that the decision allowing those using power driven tools – including electric mobility scooters – inside a facility or area is dependent upon the following issues:

-Dimensions, speed, size and weight of the electric mobility scooters;

-Number of people visiting the facility;

-Physical layout and operational features of the area;

-If it can be determined that genuine safety can be established with the entry of electric mobility scooters.

The regulation of the Department of Justice also pointed out that users of electric mobility scooters may not be questioned at the area as to the nature and extent of their disability.

There is a caveat though, under the regulation, as entities are allowed to demand from those using electric mobility scooters to:

-Present unexpired, state-issued disability parking placard or card or other proof of disability issued by a state;

-Orally stating the equipment, including the electric mobility scooters, is used by a person with mobility limitations, so long as this statement does not negate with observable facts.

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