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Different Types of Drive Medical Rollators

Drive Medical – one of the leading distributors of durable medical equipment – offers a number of rollators.

The medical equipment company has three types of rollators: the 3-wheel type, the 4-wheel type and the bariatric type.

  • 3-Wheel Drive Medical Rollators
    The 3-wheel drive medical rollators have narrow width and these devices can be easily maneuvered. As this type of drive medical rollators has no built-in seat, users must have good stamina as there is no place to rest upon on this mobility solution.
  • 4-Wheel Drive Medical Rollators
    The 4-wheel type and the bariatric model are the most stable drive medical rollators. The 4-wheel model, in particular, has a built-in seat. This tool is perfect for those who require balance support. The 4-wheel type is also appropriate for users who have difficulty in standing and walking for long periods.
  • Bariatric Drive Medical Rollators
    The bariatric type is characterized by extra-large wheels. This wheeled walking aid type also has an oversized seat. This therapeutic tool is appropriate for obese and overweight individuals who require stability, balance and a place to sit on from time to time.

The three types of drive medical rollators come with large wheels. The wheel system of these assistive devices easily rolls on smooth indoor surfaces as well as uneven outdoor surfaces. Most of the drive medical rollators can also be fitted with the following: carry bag, basket, oxygen tank holders and IV poles. A cup holder for water bottle and coffee cup can also be added to most drive medical rollators.

In general, rollators are walking frames with wheels. These tools are used by those who need assistance in maintaining their mobility, specifically with their balance and stability. Rollators like the drive medical rollators are normally used by senior citizens. These solutions are also commonly used by those who require support for their mobility both outside and inside the home.

In comparison with a cane, the rollator offers more stability. The rollator such as the drive medical rollators is more convenient than a walker. In comparison with a wheelchair, the drive medical rollators have more rehabilitation potential.

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