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Compensate Your Mobility Impairment with the Go Lite Rollator


Mobility disabilities brought about by advanced age and sickness may be compensated by today’s smartphones and social media.

With the smartphone, you can simply text or call someone by phone to come over to assist you. If your loved ones do not live close to your home, you can simply chat with them via social media platforms.

Though these modern technologies ease mobility disabilities, nothing beats the freedom to do stuff on your own – without waiting for someone to assist you. Although social media bridge distance, still, nothing compares the feeling of meeting your loved one face-to-face.

If you experience pain when you walk even for short distances or you find yourself putting off tasks until someone is there to assist you, then it is time to buy the go lite rollator.

The go lite rollator by Drive Medical is specifically designed for overweight or obese individuals who need stability and support in day-to-day movement like walking.

The Go-Lite Bariatric Steel Rollator by Drive Medical has soft-grip tires that are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. The go lite rollator has soft-padded oversized seat, a padded backrest and basket for added comfort. The special loop lock made of internal aluminum casting ensures the safe use of the go lite rollator.

The four large wheels of the go lite rollator ensure easy maneuverability whether the device is operated on a smooth or rough surface. The height of this equipment can also be adjusted to fit the height of the user.

Compared to a cane, the go lite rollator offers more support and stability. In comparison with the standard and two-wheeled walkers, the go lite rollator provides more convenience and mobility. The use of the go lite rollator also stops the untimely use of wheelchairs.

Studies have shown that slower walking with the go lite rollator for a longer period is the ideal form of exercise for obese and overweight individuals. The go lite rollator reduces the load on the knee, prevents skin irritation in the thighs and lessens musculoskeletal stress.

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