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Benefits Of Using Aluminum Rollator

Among the elderly population, the aluminum rollator is a popular walking aid.

Numerous studies have shown that rollators are beneficial to the elderly population with walking difficulties.


Advantages of Using an Aluminum Rollator

The following are some of the benefits of using an aluminum rollator:

  1. Improves walking performance
    A study by Mahoney et al. showed that the walking performance (distance, velocity and cadence) among the elderly subjects improved when they used a rollator.
  2. Fosters independent and socially active life
    In another study by Brandt et al., subjects reported that they consider their rollator as an important prerequisite for living an independent and socially active life.
  3. Physiological advantages
    A study by Saltin and Rowell, as well as a study by Susan Bloomfield showed that although users of the rollator perform minimum physical activity, this assistive device is beneficial for cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal systems.

Rollators are also known as wheeled walkers and rolling walkers. Some have 3 wheels; others have 4 wheels.

The aluminum rollator is a type of rollator that is made of aluminum. Aluminum is used for many medical products as this material is light weight and highly corrosion resistant. A heavy assistive device is only advisable if you have a caregiver, a relative or a spouse who will be available with you at all times to lift the walking aid in your behalf.

When you are mostly alone and you value your independence, like many older adults in many developed countries, then a light weight device such as the aluminum rollator is ideal.

The Drive Medical aluminum rollator, for instance, comes with 4 wheels, a padded seat, a zippered pouch, a removable padded backrest, easy-to-use loop locks, brakes with serrated edges and ergonomic handles.

In using the aluminum rollator, it is important that you stand between the rear wheels. Standing between the rear wheels allows you to maintain the center of your body mass over the center of the rollator.

For safe use, it is also important to roll your walker a step’s length ahead of you, this according to the recommendation of the American Geriatrics Society.

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