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Bariatric Walkers


Bariatric walkers are a tougher and heavy duty version of the normal walkers. Bariatric walkers are especially designed to support heavy weights. A bariatric walkers offers more stability and reliability. Bariatric walkers are reinforced with an extra hardened and tough frame that can support weight up to 700lbs. Bariatric walkers have steel legs and side braces with precision design that helps the user maintain balance and stability with little to no effort. With a wider frame, a Bariatric walkers effectively reduces the chances of tipping over. The frame of a Bariatric walkers is extra wide, this helps heavy weight and large people to easily fit in a Bariatric walkers

Bariatric walkers also allow a push button mechanism which can be operated by finger, palm or the side of your hand. The folding mechanism, which can be activated with a push button, allows the bariatric walkers to be used in tight places. Width and height are very important factors in finding the perfect Bariatric walkers.

A Bariatric walkers is very flexible to use. The frame can be adjusted to your desired height without any extra tool. Apart from that, the width can also be adjusted without using extra tools. With a knob locking procedure all you have to do is pull a pin, adjust the height or width and then again put the pin back in its place which will lock the frame to your newly adjusted perimeters. Walker now and Rollator offer a wide range of Bariatric walkers . To view our collection or Bariatric walkers you can visit our online store at:

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