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Bariatric Rollators

Bariatric Rollators

Bariatric Rollators- Say goodbye to crutches

We are living in an age of technology where exciting new inventions have revolutionlized human life. We are living in a safer era. But there are few inventions that apparently are very simple, yet they have a huge impact on our lives. A Bariatric Rollators is one such simple invention that has presented a complete solution for mobility needs. As compared to crutches, a rollator is more reliable, offers more stability and is ideally suited for seniors. Rollators offer great support and stability for heavy weight and obese people to reclaim their mobility. Rollators are similar to walkers but they have wheels at the ends, allowing the user to easily push the rollator in front of him. Since you don’t have to lift up a rollator, they are very well suited for heavy weight users. A rollator is equally useful for both indoor and outdoor use and performs considerably well on uneven and unpaved surfaces.

With large wheels and high ground clearance, rollators can easily navigate through uneven surfaces and ramps at entrances.

A Bariatric Rollators is ideally suited for heavy duty use. People who are overweight should use Bariatric Rollators instead of the light versions. Bariatric Rollators are wider and stronger than traditional rollators. With its tough and hardened frame, a bariatric rollator can support weight up to 700lbs.

The Bariatric Rollators has an extra wide frame, and a reinforced design with extra distance between the wheels. This allows more stability and less chances of tipping over. This is especially useful for obsese people and for people who find a hard time maintaining their balance. The padded seat is designed especially for the comfort and support of heavier peole, and the wheels of a Bariatric Rollators are reinforced with forks and spokes to for extra support as well. The wheels are controlled with a braking mechanism for added safety. The brakes are attached with the handlebars of the Bariatric Rollators .

Walker now and rollator at https://walkernowandrollator.com/ offer a wide range of Bariatric Rollators for heavy weight users. Our extra wide heavy duty Bariatric Rollators have extra wide frames to accommodate large users.

The design is reinforced and specifically built to support heavy weight and offer extra stability. Rollators from https://walkernowandrollator.com/rollators/ can be fitted with a range of accessories like cup holder, food tray and pouches.

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