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Advantages Of The 3-Wheeled Winnie Walker Rollator

Rollators like the winnie walker rollator provide support, balance and help people avoid falls.

Rollators refer to walking frames with three or four wheels. The winnie walker rollators have three wheels. There are two types of winnie walker rollators: deluxe and lite. These two types of winnie walker rollators have two rear wheels and one front wheel. The front wheel pivots easily. The deluxe winnie walker rollator and lite winnie walker rollator can be distinguished based on their different features.

Deluxe Winnie Walker Rollator Features:
-It comes with a basket, a tray and a pouch.
-The basket conveniently folds for easy storage.
-The pull trombone-style frame locks in place and is secured with lock knob.
-Its steel frame is chrome-plated.
-Its 7.5″ wheels are for indoor or outdoor use.
-The height of the handles can easily be adjusted with self-threading knob.
-The special loop lock made of internal aluminum casting ensures easy operation and safety.
-It can easily be folded by one hand.

Lite Winnie Walker Rollator Features:
-Special loop lock
-7.5″ wheels with soft-grip tires
-Comes with carry pouch
-Height adjustable handles
-One-hand folding

Advantages of 3-Wheeled Winnie Walker Rollator Over 4-Wheeled Rollator
The following are the differences between the 3-wheeled rollator and 4-wheeled rollator:

  1. Presence of a seat
    The 3-wheeled version has no seat. The 4-wheeled version has a seat. A seat is particularly important for users who constantly need to rest like patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD patients suffer from shortness of breath and fatigue. As such, they need a seat to rest from time to time. People who do not need to constantly rest are better off with the 3-wheeled type.
  2. Indoor or Outdoor Use
    The four wheels of the 4-wheeled type make them ideal for outdoor use. While the 3-wheeled type can be used in less tougher outdoor terrains, this type of walking aid is ideal for indoor use.
  3. Weight
    With one wheel less, the 3-wheel type weighs lighter than the 4-wheel type. A lighter walking aid is advantageous when you are travelling often. This light version can easily be folded and carried.
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