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Advantages of Folding Walkers Over Caregivers


It is common among Americans to provide free caregiving service to their loved ones.

Over 34 million Americans provided free caregiving service to family members and friends in 2008, this according to AARP, a nonprofit organization that assists people who are 50 and older enhance their quality of life.

In 2007, the nonprofit organization reported that the average out-of-pocket cost for caregivers providing care for persons aged 50 or older was $5,531.

AARP also reported that approximately 37% of unpaid caregivers for older people quit their work or reduced their work hours.

Individuals with mobility disabilities cope with their conditions through the following:

-Use of assistive equipment, such as the use of folding walkers; and

-Use of a caregiver or personal assistant.

The use of assistive technology, which includes the folding walkers, was once thought to be promoting dependency in self-care.

Hoenig et al. in the study entitled “Does Assistive Technology Substitute for Personal Assistance Among the Disabled Elderly?” rejects this notion.

Hoenig et al. found that users of assistive technology, such as folding walkers, use less hours of personal assistance; while non-users of assistive tools use more hours of personal assistance or are predominantly dependent on others.

As pointed out by Hoenig et al., assistive solutions – such as the folding walkers – provide the following advantages:

-Folding walkers stop induced disability;

-Users of assistive technologies, including the folding walkers, are healthier due to the increased level of physical activity; and

-Tasks relating to self-care are done more effectively with the use of equipment such as the folding walkers.

Folding walkers are cost effective and cheaper compared to caregiver expense.

You do not have to shell out $5,531 per year for out-of-pocket cost for personal assistance. The maintenance and purchase costs of folding walkers are way too low compared to caregiving cost.

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