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Adult Walker: Assistive Device for People With Mobility Disabilities

Mobility is essential to mankind. Mobility is the ability to move within an environment. It is also a means for mankind to manipulate things. In general, mobility enables individuals to pursue their chosen life activities.

Many individuals though cannot pursue their chosen life direction due to some form of mobility disabilities.

As people age, their risk for mobility disabilities also increases. A substantial number of the elderly population have difficulty in walking even for short distances indoors as well as outdoors. In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 61.1% of older adults (65 years and older) have at least one basic mobility limitation.

Adult Walkers

A 2009 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) report showed that 7.1% of the US population has some form of a mobility disability and 4.5% use mobility devices.

Walkers are popular assistive devices used by people with mobility disabilities. These assistive tools are simply walking frames. They come without wheels (standard walkers), three wheels or four wheels (rollators). These different types of walkers have their advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Using an Adult Walker without Wheels

  1. Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use
    An adult walker is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. It is perfect especially in even surfaces.
  2. Increases Participation
    This device can enhance your interaction with family members, friends and even neighbors.
  3. Increases Independence
    Having this assistive technology will make you less dependent on others especially on your daily activities.
  4. Ideal for Transferring
    The adult stand-assist walkers, in particular, is ideal for transferring from a seated to standing position. Users of this equipment can gradually progress from the lower level of handles to the top level.
  5. Ideal for Public Restroom Use
    In addition, the adult stand-assist walkers enable users to position the equipment over the toilet and use it as a toilet safety frame. This is particularly useful when using a public restroom away from home.

    A walker without wheels needs to be picked up when moving forward. Because of this process, this tool is only ideal for the following:
    -People who can support 50% of their weight;
    -Those who can walk by themselves but just need additional support on both sides of the body;
    -Those with good arm and hand to hold on and pick up the equipment;
    -Those with moderately severe balance and gait problems; and
    -Generalized weakness of hips and legs.

It is also important to properly fit this equipment as improper use can result to shoulder, back, elbow or wrist pain. This tool is properly fitted if you notice a 20-degree to 30-degree bend in the elbow.

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