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8 Justifications to Buy the Weil Knee Walker


Individuals who are recuperating from below-the-knee injury are prescribed with knee walkers.

Injuries below the knee can be due to diabetic wound, torn Achilles’ tendon, ulcer, strain, sprain, fracture or amputation of the lower leg or foot.

Health care professionals prescribe the weil knee walker because of the following reasons:

  1. Risk of Falling is Reduced

    As the weil knee walker unburdens the injured limb, the risk of falling is lessened.

  2. Strain-Free
    Crutches cause strains in the armpits, hands and chest wall. In contrast, users of the weil knee walker do not feel any of those strains.
  3. General Design
    The weil knee walker can accommodate either left or right leg injury.
  4. Designed by a Renowned Podiatric Specialist
    Dr. Lowell Weil Jr., podiatric consultant to the Chicago White Sox baseball club, developed the weil knee walker.
  5. Easy to Operate
    It is easy to navigate in small and tight spaces with the weil knee walker because of its 3-wheel feature.
  6. Flexible Height
    Both tall and short users can use the weil knee walker. The height of this ambulation device can be adjusted from 4’10” to 6’4”.
  7. Comfy
    Utmost comfort to the injured limb is ensured with the weil knee walker as this therapeutic tool is equipped with thick padded seat.
  8. Attractive
    The weil knee walker comes in an attractive burgundy color.

    When it comes to operation, the weil knee walker is similar with the skateboard. After putting your affected knee on the padded seat of the weil knee walker, you can maneuver this mobility aid by pushing it with your uninvolved foot. Similar with skate boarding, in order to move forward, you have to push your uninjured foot backwards.

    The weil knee walker is a good substitute to crutches and wheelchairs. Crutches can be unsteady and awkward to use; while wheelchairs are not meant for rehabilitation purposes as most of the time patients are inactive.

    The weil knee walker is ideal for recovering patients as they can move around and exercise with this device. Most importantly, this walking aid result to a more natural gait pattern.

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