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5 Tips for Buying a Rollator Walker – What Physicians have to say?

Rollators are modern day walkers that come equipped with brakes and wheels. They are scientifically designed to be able to provide ample support to the upper human body. They can be used indoors & outdoors both.

Traditional walkers required a patient to lift the walker every time he needed to take a step.
Rollators do not need to be lifted at all and can be custom designed according to the needs of the patient.


These walkers score over their traditional counterparts in terms of storage and carriage; they can be easily folded and transported in the car or any vehicle.

They are not cumbersome, are light in weight and enhance mobility to a large extent.

Please consider the following points when you shop for a Rollators in Florida or elsewhere.

  1. Consult the Doctor
    Please consult a doctor before you purchase a Rollator or Knee Walker in Florida.

    The therapist or your health care expert will be able to suggest the most suitable equipment for increasing your mobility.


    Discuss the features with a doctor in detail and feel free to express any serious concerns you might have.

  2. Capacity for Handling Weight
    Patient’s body weight is one of the main criterions when assessing Rollator designs.

    It should be able to support your weight and any stuff you might want to carry without experiencing any discomfort.

  3. Composition of the Frame
    Rollators are now available in steel or aluminum frames.

    A steel frame will be heavier and stronger in comparison to an aluminum one.

    But do take into consideration the fact that you might have to fold it for storage or transportation.

    The steel ones are less expensive than the others. Aluminum Rollators in Florida are even lighter and stronger but somewhat pricey.

    For patients who are overweight -‘aluminum Rollator’ is the right option.

  4. Height of the Frame and Handles
    Patient’s height too is an important consideration.

    The patient should stand upright and check if he is comfortable while using the equipment.

    There should be no stooping or slouching while using the Rollator. Always go in for a Rollator having adjustable handles that can be moved according to the height and comfort level of the patient.

  5. System of Brakes
    Easy to operate and accessible brakes are a must.

    The different kinds of brake systems used in Rollators in Florida are-

    1. Cable Brakes – These are similar to those used in a cycle. A patient has to squeeze them hard to bring the Rollator to complete halt. Patients with arthritis might find such brakes difficult to use.
    2. Pressure brakes – These brakes cause a halt-action the moment a patient shifts his body weight onto the frame. A lightweight patient may not be able to exert enough pressure and an overweight patient may end up having trouble with frequent unintentional halts.
    3. Reverse Brakes – These brakes are locked by default; they are unlocked only when the patient squeezes the handles of the brakes.
      In case you are still not sure about the kind of Rollator walker you should buy, feel free to fill up this short online query form. We will get back to you at the earliest.
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