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5 Benefits of Using the Bariatric Rollator



A bariatric rollator is a type of wheeled walker that is made of reinforced steel frame.

The reinforced steel frame of the bariatric rollator means greater durability and greater support for older adults with mobility impairment.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should choose a bariatric rollator over the other mobility devices:

  1. Reduction of Lower-Limb Loads

    As noted in the “Assistive Devices for Balance and Mobility: Benefits, Demands, and Adverse” study by Dr. Hamid Bateni and Dr. Brian Maki, the reduction of lower-limb loads is one of the important benefits of walkers such as the bariatric rollator. Rollators can alleviate joint pain and can compensate for injury or weakness especially in the lower limb, this according to the Bateni and Maki study.

  2. Improve Balance and Mobility

    The Bateni and Maki study also pointed out that biomechanic findings support the clinical view that walkers, such as the bariatric rollator, can improve balance and mobility for older adults and people with other clinical conditions.

  3. Portability

    The bariatric rollator can be folded and can easily be transported.

  4. Height Adjustable

    The height of this device can be adjusted to suit your stature. It must be noted that if the rollator is not adjusted to the proper height, you may experience pain in your back, shoulder, elbow and/or wrist.

  5. Promotes Good Gait and Posture

    The handles of the Envoy 485B Titanium Bariatric Rollator, in particular, point forward, thereby promoting better walking gait and better posture.

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