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3 Wheel Mobility Scooter- Mobility everywhere


Your life hits a dead end when your mobility is challenged. There are several factors that can limit the mobility of an individual. People going through a recovery period after a surgery cannot walk on their own even for their basic needs. Similarly, seniors and the disabled can find it almost impossible to walk more than a couple of yards because of pain or handicaps.

The three wheel mobility scooter is truly a game changer in mobility, both for the elderly and the disabled. The three wheel mobility scooter offers a handy, robust, compact and all terrain mobility solution for all users.

3 wheel mobility scooters offer a highly adaptable and flexible product range. The off road version has a tougher suspension and hardened frame with large wheels to maneuver the uneven surfaces while the indoor version has a more compact and light design to cut through tight spaces and corners. There is also a hybrid version available that is equally good for indoor and outdoor use. The hybrid version would give you unmatched mobility on rough tracks and on smooth surfaces. For a complete product range of 3 wheel mobility scooters please visit our estore at https://walkernowandrollator.com.

The three wheel mobility scooter offers a soft, flexible ride. Its feather-light steering makes manoeuvring around tight corners a breeze. Drive your 3 wheel mobility scooter inside your home and make tight turns without the fear of damaging the walls or corners- thanks to its super light controls.

The three wheel mobility scooter has an average range of 40 miles. The range depends on terrain, weight and the batteries. You can fit it with heavy duty batteries; you can also add additional batteries to increase the range.

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